Dr Rafael Allepuz Capdevila

Senior Lecturer

Area of knowledge: Applied Economics


  • +34 973 70 32 11
  • Office: 0.14
    Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism
    C/ Jaime II n.º 73
    Lleida 25001, Spain


Dr Rafael Allepuz holds a degree in Economics and Business from the University of Barcelona and a PhD in Economics from the University of Lleida. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Economics of the University of Lleida.

He teaches in the Degrees of Business Administration & Management (ADE) and Social Work.

His lines of research focus on the areas of Economics of Social Inequality and Economics of Migration, having participated in the following research projects: Youth migration, new social movements and digital networks: the purple tide and other cases of transnational studies (2015-2017); Poverty in Lleida: Impact of the crisis on wages and pensions (2015-2016), Economic crisis and poverty in Lleida (2011-2014); Collective management of Agricultural hiring at origin and its territorial support in Spain and Morocco. Proposal of concatenation of campaigns and implications in co-development (2011-2014); The situation of poverty in Lleida: study of the main economic factors that generate situations of vulnerability (2009); Effectiveness of recruitment at origin for labour insertion of foreign population in Catalonia. Contributions for a debate (2007-2008); Dependence of the elderly: an economic and social challenge. Focus on dependence of the elderly in the city of Lleida (2005-2006).

He is the author or co-author of eleven book chapters and fourteen books, among them: New and old poverty in the counties of Lleida. Perception from social services (2015), Anatomy of poverty in Catalonia. Structural causes that cause social exclusion of vulnerable people (2014) and Recruitment at origin in Catalonia (2009).

He is the Director of the Chair Obra Social la Caixa for Studies on Social Inequalities at the University of Lleida.



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